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Illuminated Podiums:


Front Row Sports Technologies was the first in the market with an illuminated podium that includes a built-in public address system. Enhance your school image at pep rallies, graduation or when hosting a sporting tournament, with an eye-catching illuminated faceplate that is decorated with your school name and mascot.



  • Constructed from 3/4" oak plywood for durability

  • Locking casters offer additional stability

  • Convenient recessed drink holder

  • Five (5) lacquer finish stain color options

  • Illuminated custom decorated faceplate

  • Vinyl padding is a wide variety of colors

  • Adjustable microphone

  • 40-Watt dual speaker system (podium can be purchased without speaker system)

  • Additional input capability for CD Player or other audio equipment

  • Side speakers hinged to open and close



Professional Face Decorating:

When decorating the face of your podium, we offer a large variety of fonts and an unlimited number of colors.



What sets us apart from the competition?


Our ability to provide our customers with a high quality, multi-color, digitally printed mascot.



*All of these services provided at no additional cost.




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Front Row Sports Technologies

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