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Front Row Sports Technologies is a proven leader in the industry providing a state-or-the-art family of team seating products. Whether you purchase a team chair, stool, or our folding chair caddie, you can be assured you are getting a high quality functional product.


Enhance the appearance of your facility, show your team spirit, and provide your players a place to rest for that next run to the hoop.



Front Row Seating Team Chairs and Stools Features & Specifications:


Team Folding Chair, Model 3400:

  • 18.5" Seat height

  • 2.5" thick seat cushion



Extra Heavy Duty Team Folding Chair, Model 3422:

  • 22" Seat height

  • 3" thick seat cushion








Chair Slip Covers:

  • Slip covers that go over the backs

  • can be straight slip-on

  • can have grommets or snaps





Bleacher Seats:











Team Stool, Model 118:

  • 18" height










Tall Team Stool, Model 130:

  • 30" height















Team Square Seat Stool, Model 185:

  • 19" height

  • 16.5" wide, square seat

  • 3" think seat cushion








HT-301 Series Folding Chair Caddie:

HT-301 Folding Chair Caddie Models:

HT-301 Capacity
2617 model chairs = 84
3400 model chairs = 48




S-300 Series Folding Chair Caddie:






S-300 Folding Chair Caddie Models:

S-320 Capacity
2617 model chairs = 26
3400 model chairs = 12

S-321 Capacity
2617 model chairs = 38
3400 model chairs = 18

S-322 Capacity
2617 model chairs = 48
3400 model chairs = 24


Create a professional appearance in your sports facility by matching your team chairs to your Front Row Scoring Table.



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Front Row Sports Technologies

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